Our Services

Financial Planning

We believe that long-term financial planning is essential to meeting client goals. We offer comprehensive financial planning for clients using world-class software from Plan Plus.

There is no additional charge for this service. It is included in your overall portfolio management fee.

Portfolio Management

We manage accounts on a “household” basis. That is, we view all individual accounts in a household (cash accounts, RRSPs, TFSAs etc.) as one main portfolio. This allows us to maintain tax-efficiency and hold appropriate asset classes in different account types.

Every household is given an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that governs the management of assets in the household’s portfolio. We are responsible for managing the portfolio according to the terms of the IPS on a discretionary basis.

We also provide online access to your accounts if desired.

We provide semi-annual portfolio reviews and annual tax reporting. To assist you in preparing your tax return, we include the following in our reports:

  • Capital gain/loss reports, including any changes in Adjusted Cost Bases (ACBs) due to dividend reinvestments and return of capital
  • Rate-of-return reporting
  • Statement of activities
  • Tax-deductible fee receipts for non-registered accounts
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