Annual Tax Reporting Checklist – 2013

Note: You will receive forms only where applicable. Please read below to see which forms apply to your situation.

RRSP Contribution Receipts

  • Applies only if you have made an RRSP contribution on or before the RRSP deadline of March 3, 2014
  • Form: T83 RRSP Contribution Receipt
  • Mailing Dates
    • Contribution made prior to February 22, 2014: mailed February 28, 2014 or prior
    • Contributions made between February 22 and 28, 2014: mailing date is March 7, 2014
    • Contributions made between March 1 and 3, 2014: mailing date is March 14, 2014

Registered account withdrawals (RRSP, RRIF, LIF etc.)

  • Applies only to registered accounts where withdrawals have been made
  • Provided by: TD Waterhouse
  • Form: T4RSP, T4RIF, T4LIF etc. as appropriate
  • Mailing Date: January 31, 2014

Investment Income Summary – 2013, T5 and Trading Summary (T5008/RL18)

  • Applies only to non-registered and corporate accounts
  • Provided by: TD Waterhouse
  • Forms (3):
    • Investment Income Summary – 2013 (C$ & US$)
    • T5
    • Trading Summary – 2013 (T5008/RL18)
      • lists transactions in taxable accounts, will be forwarded to CRA and is not representative of capital gains or losses
    • Mailing Date: February 21, 2014

Realized Gain and Loss Report

  • Applies only to non-registered and corporate accounts
  • Provided by Polaris Financial Inc.
  • Form: Realized Gain and Loss Report
  • Mailing date: March 7, 2014

Portfolio Management Fees (tax deductible)

  • Applies only to non-registered and corporate accounts
  • You will receive two deductible fee receipts as follows:
    • Polaris Investment Management Fee Receipt
      • Provided by: Polaris Financial Inc.
      • Form: Year 2013 – Income Tax Receipt, Fees Paid to Investment Counsel
      • Mailing date: March 7, 2013
    • TD Waterhouse Custodial Fee Receipt
      • Provided by: TD Waterhouse
      • Form: Investment Income Summary – 2013 (C$ & US$)
      • Note: this is part of the TD Waterhouse Investment Income Summary – 2013 mentioned above
      • The tax-deductible fees are listed at the bottom of the form as:
        • Both the administrative fees and taxes are deductible
        • Mailing date: February 21, 2014

T3 or T5: Mutual Fund Income

  • Applies only to securities held in non-registered and corporate accounts
  • Form: T3 or T5
  • Usually you will receive a T3, but if you hold a corporate class mutual fund or investment savings fund (from BTB Trust, Manulife Trust, RBC etc.) you will receive a T5 for these funds
  • Provided by: the administrator of each mutual fund company
  • Most clients hold only DFA funds and the T3s were provided by RBC Dexia
  • Mail date: February 14, 2013
  • If you hold non-DFA funds in your non-registered account you will need to ensure you have received a T3 or T5 for each fund you own

T3: Trust Unit Income

  • Applies to securities in your non-registered or corporate account that are not listed in the TD Waterhouse Investment Income Summary – 2013 or in the T3: Mutual Fund
  • Most clients will not be in this situation and will not receive aT3: Trust Unit Income
  • Provided by: TD Waterhouse
  • Form: Trust Unit Income Summary & T3
  • Mailing date: March 21, 2014 to March 28, 2014 
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